How to get NCK in Anantapur from Andra Pradesh?


Get NCK (Network Unlock code) for your device in Anantpur from Andra Pradesh. You can easily get unlock codes from your place online.

We provide Unlock Code to free your device for all networks. These Network unlock codes comes from Manufacturer only. You need not open your device to free for any network.

We provide Network Unlock Code (NCK) in almost all places of India. You only need to provide IMEI no of your device.

Steps to unlock your device:

  1. Change SIM card other than network locked to.
  2. Switch on your device and connect with PC/Mobile.
  3. It will redirect you to the Homepage of your device or type in address this address does not work on your device then fill the address that comes when you connect your device).
  4. Login as username: admin and password: admin (if you have not to change it)
  5. Click on the “SIMlock required” button.
  6. Enter 10 digit NCK provided by us.
  7. Your device will be free for all networks after this process.

Make sure your device is asking unlock code / NCK after inserting SIM card other than network locked. There must be attempts left to enter unlock code / NCK.

You need to pay the amount according to your Brand and Model no. That you can get via contacting:


WhatsApp: +917011467741

Paytm no: 9979079699

Google Pay no: 7011467741

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