How to unlock Huawei E392u-92 (E392) multi-mode LTE modem locked to Airtel?


Huawei E392u-92 LTE supports LTT / TDD / FDD / UMTS / GSM / WCDMA. Airtel launched Huawei E392u-92 LTE in India.

You can not unlock Huawei E392u-92 (E392) LTE with an unlock code as it does not prompt for unlock code. By this method you can unlock Huawei E3276 4G LTE.

How to unlock Huawei E392u-92 LTE (E392) modem locked to Airtel?

1. We will provide you unlocking Firmware in Rs.300/-. You can pay via Paytm no 9979079699 or Google Pay no 7011467741 or Amazon Pay UPI ID: 7011467741@apl.

2. Connect Huawei E392u-92 LTE to your PC and close Airtel Software when it opens automatically.

3. Now Run the Firmware which you have received from us.

4. It will prompt for “Password”. Password will be “Firmware Code”. You can generate Firmware code from “Universal Master Code Tool”.

5. It will update Firmware.

6. After that, Download and update your device with unbranded “Huawei Mobile Partner” Software.

7. Then change SIM card and connect your device to PC.

8. Your device will ask for unlock code.

9. Insert unlock code which you will get in Email after the payment.

After this process, your Huawei E392u-92 (E392) LTE is free to use any sim card.


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