How to use Vodafone SIM on Alcatel IK40CJ?

SIM unlock Alcatel IK40CJ

Alcatel IK40CJ is one of the amazing LTE 4G USB data cards that provides you the facility of internet providers with any of the 4G operators. The supportive speed of this device is around 500 MBPS that provides you a different experience in the field of internet. It also gives a 150 MBPS transfer speed, which is enough to transfer data from one to another.

In this article, I am explaining that How to use Vodafone SIM on Alcatel IK40CJ:

1. Insert SIM card of Vodafone 4G.

Inserting the SIM card is very easier with this device. Just open the device from the mark to open and insert your Vodafone 4G SIM.

2. Connect it with your PC

Connecting it to your PC is the easy process, when you need to connect it directly through the USB Port.

3. Run the software

After connecting it to your PC, Click the following:

•    Click on This PC or My Computer. You can also open My Computer from a shortcut key (Windows+E).

•    Right click on External device or Alcatel IK40CJ

•    Click on Open Button

•    Run the software by double-clicking on it. The software is having an extension (. exe).

4. If prompted, login into the device with admin password.

After successfully running the software, you will get a shortcut icon on your desktop with the name Alcatel IK40CJ. Double click on the icon and wait till it open. Once the software starts working, it needs a login. You can login with the Admin credentials mentioned on the box of Alcatel IK40CJ.

5. Enter the unlock code which is provided by

There is one more 15 digit code is mentioned on the box that is also called IMEI, from that you will get unlock code. After putting the unlock code and clicking submit, your dongle will ready for internet sharing.

6. Setup Finished

After finishing all the process, your dongle is now ready to use. So, just find the option of connectivity and click to connect. Once it gets connected, you can use the internet to browse different search engines.

7. Other useful options of Alcatel IK40CJ

  • You can view your entire text message saved in your Vodafone 4G SIM.
  • Easily send and receive new messages.
  • Access to all your contacts saved in the same Vodafone 4G SIM
  • Access to the SETTING option of your Alcatel IK40CJ.


Sometime it may take a minute or more to activate your SIM card. If you find it’s taking a long time to activate, you may want to try restarting your Dongle. If the network is not showing on the top of Dialer, then remove the device from your PC and try to insert the SIM card properly. Sometimes it is not connected properly that cause issue in the network. Although, it is an amazing device to use as an internet provider because is it easily running in every Operating System. One can use Windows, IOS, or Android to use Alcatel IK40CJ.

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