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How to Unlock LG Phones?

You can unlock LG phones with its IMEI no. To get IMEI of this phone dial *#06#. We provide Factory unlock codes of LG phones. Initially, LG phones come lock to a single network, but with the help of this post, you can easily free your device for all networks.

The LG phones come with a un-customized firmware. You need not change the firmware to unlock it. You need correct code to unlock this device.

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Unlock LG phones

Follow steps given below to unlock LG phone:

Method 1:

  1. Put SIM card other than default network into mobile and switch it on.
  2. Mobile will ask for unlock code.
  3. Now Put unlock code carefully, and press Apply.
  4. Your device will reboot and restart.

Note: Use the NCK code for Network PIN and input the SPCK code for Service Provider PIN.

Method 2:

  1. Put SIM card of default network and switch on your phone.
  2. Now, dial “2945#*model number#”.
  3. Like if your device is KG240, then you need to dial “2945#*240#”.

Method 3:

  1. Put SIM card of default network and switch on your phone.
  2. Now, Dial 2945#*71001# or 2945#*20001#.
  3. When hidden windows appear, put correct unlock code.

Your device will reboot and restart and is ready to use with all network SIM card after this process.

Unlocking is not restricted to any carrier. Unlocking is available for all network provider phones including , AT&T, , MetroPCS , , , , , , , , etc.

Note 1:

  1. Comment with IMEI and model for unlock code.
  2. You need to pay only $6USD for unlock code.
  3. Check unlock screen first before paying for unlock code.
  4. There must be some attempts left to unlock the device.
  5. The unlock code for this mobile is not free.
  6. 100% refund guaranteed in case of codes is not working.
  7. Further, you can ask by commenting on this post below if, you have any query related to this mobile.
  8. Correct SIM lock code (including NCK, SPCK, and NSCK) will be E-Mailed.

Note 2: If, your phone is dual SIM then provide IMEI of primary SIM only. After inserting unlocks code into mobile, both SIM slots will be free for all networks.

Note 3: Pay only if you are getting unlock screen given in above methods.


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Unlock all LG all network with unlock code or NCK

You can unlock your entire LG model locked to any network except Tracfone. You only need to provide IMEI of LG device. The unlock code will be sent via E-Mail. We provide factory unlock code for LG phones.

The warranty of your LG phone will not void by unlocking with unlocking codes. You can order for unlock codes from any country and network. The factory unlocking code will be provided. The codes will be generated from LG server and will be genuine codes.

You need only 15 digit IMEI to get unlock code or SIM unlock code. To get IMEI of LG device, you can dial *#06#.

Check before placing an Order

  1. Check whether your LG device is asking for Unlock code or SIM unlock code.
  2. Unlock attempts should not be 0. There must be some attempts left to unlock your device.
  3. A message “This device is permanently locked” should not be there. This shows that you have consumed its entire attempt and now this device cannot be unlocked.
  4. NOT supported CDMA Phones IMEI starting 99xxxxxxxxxxx and 352452xxxxxxxx make sure not to submit such IMEI because the code will come like this SPC=000000 which is CDMA programming code. NO REFUNDS ON SUCH REQUESTS Before request a code for LG, please be sure to find the code entry instructions before to order here : https://www.unlockcodecell.com There is no solution to enter the code in U900, U880, U890, U400 and some more, and all LG Android Cell Phone with the new “Device Unlock App”. So please check first you can enter a code before to order a code for LG!
  5. Tracfone unlocking services are also not available. So if your device is using Tracfone services then, do not order for unlock code. They will not work with Tracfone. If “SIM lock code – 1” appears after changing SIM other than default network, means your device is a Hard lock, Then you need to contact your network service provider, my codes will not work there. You may get a message “This device is permanently locked” after changing your default SIM with other than your Default network.
  6. Check before placing an order that your device should not be CDMA. Codes will be generated according, because the code will come like this SPC=000000 which is CDMA programming code, and there will be no refund for that.

How much time, it will take to receive unlock code after placing an order?

It will take around 15 minutes to 60 minutes to get unlock code. In some cases, it may take up to 09 Hours.

How will I get unlock code after placing an order?

It will be E-Mail to your E-Mail ID after successfully generated.

Can I cancel an order after placing it?

No, one cannot cancel an order. But, in case if the code does not come within 24 hours then the customer is eligible to cancel its order.

If, a code does not work, will I get the refund?

Yes, in case a code does not work, the customer is eligible for the refund, but he has to provide video proof. The refund may take the time to one week.

What is the price of LG unlock code?

The price for Alcatel unlock code is  6 USD.

If, you agree with above terms and conditions then only pay.