Unlock Huawei E5573s-606 mobile Wi-Fi router

Huawei E5573s-606 dongle is also available in India by and . Devices which come with customized firmware and without flashing the firmware, there is no option to unlock them, as it has 0 attempts left to enter the code. Spectra Net carrier of Nigeria is also providing this wingle, but comes with un-customized firmware and can be unlocked only with boot shot method and correct code. This device has firmware version

Airtel’s Huawei E5573s-606 router can be unlocked after its firmware updating.

Download following files before updating the firmware of ’s Huawei E5573s-606 router:

1.     Huawei E5573s-606 firmware v21. general from here.

2.     Huawei Hi-link drivers from here.

3.     Firmware code can be generated from Universal Master Code tool or you can comment model no and IMEI no to get that code.

Flash the firmware of Huawei E5573s-606 Wingle

Following steps will help you flashing the firmware:

1. Make sure your PC / laptop is connected with UPS because it will take approx. 30 minutes in flashing the device.

2. Download Huawei E5573s-606 Firmware v21. and unzip it using WinRAR and run P711S-E5 update_21.

Note: If you are getting “Error 10: Find port failed” then correct it. If your PC is not available under com port then bring it in.

3. It will ask a password.

4. Note down the IMEI no and comment below with model and IMEI no to get the firmware password.

5. Insert the password and wait to finish the process.

6.  After that switch off the router and remove the battery then insert the battery and switch on the device.

7. Now search for its driver and if not found then update the firmware that you downloaded before (Huawei E5573s-606 Firmware v21. or HiLink Drivers.

8. Next, download DC unlocker latest version.

9. Find your device in DC unlocker.

10. Go to the bottom of the result and type there “AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128” (without quotes) and press enter.

DC unlocker

11. Here, you will find NV code in hash format. Pay Rs.600 from India or $9 USD if from outside India, via PayPal. You need to provide NV code to get unlock code.

12. Now, extract Huawei_E5573s-320_Firmware_21. file in a folder.

13. Now run the firmware setup file again. During this period, it will not ask the password.

14. Wait until it finishes installation of firmware.

15. You will find that all light is on including battery and network light.

16. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer) and type in the address bar.

17. Here, login to device router panel (Username and the password are admin).

18. Now, you will find that your device is showing 10 unlocking attempts left.

19. It will ask you password, use the code which you got in the mail.

20. Now proceed till the finish. Your device will be unlocked.

21. You need to create a new profile to use your new SIM card.

Unlock code charge is only Rs. 600.For international people, the charge is only $9 USD, which you can pay through
PayPal button on this site.


Do not try to enter wrong/ free codes to the router, it may lock permanently.

Unlocking Huawei E5573s-606 was not an easy task, thanks to Mr. Kamlesh Kumar for support.


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