Unlock ZTE Falcon Z-917 Wi-Fi Router Specs and Review

Unlock ZTE Falcon Z-917  Wi-Fi Router Specs and Review
Z-917 is powered by ZTE and is available with in the USA.
ZTE Z-917 comes in a small plastic box measured in 4.1×2.4×0.6 inches (HWD) and weighs 4.23 ounces.
The Z-917 comes with a 2,000 mAH removable battery, a micro SIM card slot, and a micro USB port to connect to PC and charging the device. There is no external antenna jack.
The Z-917 has the QUALCOMM MDM9225 chipset. This is an LTE category 4 Wi-Fi router, that supports maximum download speed up to 150 Mbps and uploads limit is 50 Mbps. It consists LTE band 2/4/12. This router is designed to work on only with LTE network. Not with other networks. It supports 802.11n with WPS pairing.
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The ZTE Z-917 is a 4G router that comes with an un-customized firmware. You need not change the firmware to unlock it. You only need correct NCK code to unlock this device.
Follow steps given below to unlock ZTE Z-917 Wi-Fi router:
Switch off your device before proceeding
1.  Put SIM card other than default network into the router and switch it on.
2.  Now connect the router to the computer with its USB cable or Wi-Fi.
3.  This will open default home page of the router, if not
4.  Go my computer and open Virtual CD-ROM.
5.  Here install the required drivers into PC.
6.  Next, it will open the default web page that is
7.  Now, log in with username-admin and password-admin and go to unlock screen or it will redirect you to unlock screen.
8.  If, not then go to settings>>APN.
9.  Here you can put NCK code to unlock the device.
10. Now Put 8/16-digits unlock code carefully, and press Apply.
11. After that, you can see the network of SIM inserted.
12. Now create a new profile according to new SIM card with Connection menu.
Your device is ready to use with all network SIM card after this process.


You need to pay only $9 for unlock code. Check unlock screen first before paying for unlock code. There must be some attempts left to unlock the device.
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