Unlock ZTE MF920 MiFi WiFi router

Unlock ZTE MF920 MiFi WiFi router
ZTE MF920 MiFi WiFi router is available in the global market and especially for Russia. There it comes with Beeline and Megafon (MR150-5) carriers. Since the device comes locked to a network, it cannot be used with other carriers. But you can unlock this device and use other carriers also.

Follow below steps to unlock ZTE MF920 MiFi WiFi router

1.     Take device and switch it off.
2.     Put SIM card other than default network.
3.     Connect your device to your computer via USB.
4.     Open any browser and type in address bar IP address for Beeline and for Megafon.
5.     Here, it will ask you Login ID and Password, Both is the admin.
6.     This will lead you to NCK page.
7.     Type here 16 characters/digits NCK unlock code.
8.     Press ok, and your device is ready to use.

Pay $9USD to purchase the unlock code.


1.     Check for unlock screen before purchasing unlock code by inserting sim other than default network.
2.     There must be attempts left to unlock your device.
3.     You must have IMEI of your device in order to get unlock code.
4.     No repayment would be done for the wrong transaction.


  1. Hi Neelam Yadav
    The firmware you uploaded only contains a File in *.bin format
    kindly direct me to a tool i can use to flash the modem

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