Unlocking Samsung ZV50

Unlock Samsung ZV50 fast and secure with IMEI. You can unlock all your Samsung ZV50 Phone from network restrictions or removeUnlocking Samsung ZV50 network restrictions from your Samsung ZV50 Phone. We provide factory unlock code to free your Phone for all networks.

Unlock Samsung ZV50 with its IMEI no and unlock code. You need to provide IMEI no to get unlock code for your Samsung ZV50 Phone. To get IMEI of Samsung ZV50 Phone dial *#06# or remove the battery from your device or go to settings.

We provide Factory unlock codes for Samsung ZV50. Initially, Samsung ZV50 comes to lock to a single network, but with the help of this post, you can easily remove network restrictions of your Samsung ZV50 for all networks.

The warranty of your Samsung ZV50 will not be disturbed. The codes will come from Samsung ZV50 Database, so it will not disturb your warranty.

How much time will it take to unlock your Samsung ZV50 Phone?

It will take 1-7 days to unlock your device.

How to unlock your Samsung ZV50 Phone?

Follow steps given below to Unlock Samsung ZV50:

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Insert SIM card other than default network.
  3. The phone will ask network unlock code / NCK/ Unlock Code.
  4. Insert unlock code provided by www.simunlock.net.
  5. If, Your Samsung is not unlocked then insert Unfreeze or Defreeze code to unlock.
  6. Your Samsung ZV50 will be unlocked.

NCK – Network code will be used to unlock your Samsung ZV50.

SPCK – Service Provider code or Subset Unlock Pin will be used to blockade from a subset or subnetwork (Like Tesco in the U.K.).

Unfreeze/MCK – One can reset the code counter with this unlock code if he has inserted wrong unlock code many times in Samsung ZV50.

In some cases when above-given methods do not work then we recommend that you factory reset your device.

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